Looking for(ward) for the long run

>> Warning: No distributed-related-content below. Proceed at your own risk! <<

Some times in life you need – at least I need – to weigh things. You have 2 boxes and you know the content of both boxes. And you need to decide; “Shall I open box #1 which reveals a habit of mine that makes me extremely happy some times but it also causes me a lot of stress and disruption? Or shall I open box #2 which is not a habit, so it does not contain these negative feelings but it also seems to lack of the happy factors?” Read it again. You will get what I mean.

It’s easy to begin habits. You start doing something you enjoy. And with the time some negative effects appear. When the negative part weighs more than the positive effect, then you realize that the best option is to take box#2. It’s hard to leave habits. It’s hard, painful and annoying.

What gives me strength about my choice is hope. Once I’ve been told “People should understand that something that hurts them in the short run, will help them in the long run”. It seems reasonable and can be justified with many examples from politics, economics, social life, etc. I will let you know when I will be in the – subjectively – long run. 😉


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