Geeklist #Hack4good 0.3 is almost over

2 hours of sleep, 1 cup of coffee and ∞ excitement! It looks like these ingredients are enough to survive a 10-hour hackathon!

First of all, let me fill in the gaps. I came to Dublin this morning to attend one of the greatest events of the globe; the Web Summit. The Web Summit is amazing, not only for the people it gathers and the talks it provides, but also because of the several side events it organizes; among them… Hackathon 🙂 .

#Hack4good 0.3 is a hackathon hosted by Geeklist in the Digital Skills Academy. As its name reveals, today we hack for good; all projects are proposed by humanitarian organizations and their aim is to serve people in need.

My team – which constitutes of Jan Kraus, Natalia Stanko, Kantham Ashok Reddy and myself – chose to help Young Enterprise. Young Enterprise offers educational programs to young people with limited working experience, in order to develop new skills and be able to find a job. This charity is often questioned/challenged on how helpful the offered programs are. How big is their impact in their graduates’ lives and careers?

We came up with a simple solution; Impact Tracker! Impact Tracker is a portal that connects all programs provided by the charity, all attendees for each program and their data (personal, educational, background).  The portal keeps attendees’ data even after they graduate and periodically updates their information regarding their job positions and careers. By doing so, Impact Tracker can analyse and calculate the actual impact of the programs in these people’s lives.

So, how does Impact Tracker work? Here are simple steps:

Charity feeds the portal with:

  • List of programs
  • List of attendees for each program
  • Information for each attendee (contact info, education, background)

Charity creates surveys:

  • Customized for each program
  • With targeted questions to reveal the impact of the programs in graduates life & career

Surveys get filled by graduates:

  • Upon their receipt via an automatic e-mail sent once per year
  • Upon changes on graduates’ LinkedIn profiles.

Design Specs

I should emphasize; code heroes were mostly Jan Kraus and Natalia Stanko, since they are working with most of these tools in their daily job. 😉

That’s all folks! The presentations were shown live on youtube. Check out other problems and projects of #hack4good in the Geeklist website!

For the ones interested, here’s a short list of humanitarian organizations: Young EnterpriseOxfamConcern WorldwideInspire IrelandJungle BirdCentrepoint.

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