Startup Weekend Basel 2013 – Day 1

Today was the first day of the 3-day competition, the so-called Startup Weekend Basel.

The first shock came when I realized that everybody were talking in German – or maybe Swiss German, both sound strange to my ears anyway.

I ignored this fact since Andreas Panteli and I were attending the event with a specific idea in mind to pitch and build the next 2 days. Out of 20 pitches, the 6 most famous ones (famous by means of being voted by other attendees) have been chosen to become business plans. Our idea didn’t ‘pass’. However, we found MIke Pfaff‘s idea quite super interesting with high potential to become something great. And we joined. 🙂

Two more guys joined the team; Adrian Zweifel (don’t have info for the other guy) and here we are; brainstorming, debating, arguing. Using all our convincing methods to make others see what we see. And this is a loop. Thankfully, not an endless one. Out of the brainstorming we may have come up with ~6 different business ideas, each one unique and plausible to succeed. How does one choose one idea among many? By instinct, by level of easiness, by available resources? Several Pros & Cons. I prefer to follow my instinct/heart. Let’s see what my instinct has to say in the morning.


There are many approaches to begin a business idea; Technical resources, money, and heart/passion. The innovation lies in the center. And the person, the passion, the heart is your start.

2 thoughts on “Startup Weekend Basel 2013 – Day 1

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