Startup Weekend Basel 2013 – Day 2


The truth is, I would never expect such a day. Yesterday I was the most optimistic person on earth – I am most of the times. My last night post closed with the full-of-hope sentence:

Let’s see what my instinct has to say in the morning.

Well, my instinct was quite talkative today. Like the instinct of every other person in our team. And guess what; each instinct covered a different frequency layer of this huge universe. Yes, we are different. Each team member has his/her own ideology, priorities and keys. And reaching a consensus was not trivial at all. Mostly because the idea seemed simple at the beginning and ended up being quite complicate considering logistics, financial issues, third-party dependencies, and the list goes on.

So, here’s what exactly happened!

The Business Model Canvas

The Business Model Canvas

Beginning of the day: A presentation about the Business Model Canvas and how to use it. This canvas is just awesome. It includes everything you need to consider regarding a business.

We managed to transform this pure awesomeness to a chaotic jungle. (well, I exaggerate a bit). Agreeing on a specific business plan was our main issue. We had good reasons why to choose plan A and reject plan B. We had good reasons why to choose plan B and reject plan A.

Lunch time: The discussion was still on fire. Mentors were coming and leaving with ideas and suggestions that could lead us decide easier and faster. Still, not everybody was satisfied. Somehow, sometime after lunch, we picked one business model. We prepared our surveys and went out there, asking people key questions to analyse the impact of offering such a service, and the popularity that the service could get.

And then I realised, people from the team were not happy. Lack of motivation, denial to recognize difficulties and obstacles in the plan, tiredness after many hours of debating and many more were the reasons of this “unhappy” mood that I could feel in the air. Regardless of the fact that the idea could work.

It was 18:00 when we returned at the office. We identified and discussed our “dissatisfaction”, reaching the decision of starting something new, from scratch. And here’s the point we stuck; we were passing through the terrifying idle – not progressing at all –  state.

And then it hit us. Do we want to quit? If we don’t want to continue with the idea we were tackling the last 24 hours, and if we cannot come up with a new idea, what is that we want to do? Are we quitting? I am not a quitter. Fight till the end. This answer came from each one of us. And the realization of saying this out loud was the triggering fuel to come out of this sleeping mode and start doing. We reached the bottom, we mingled for a while, and then we could only go up, start again, work harder, fight till the end. The next hours were the most productive hours of the whole day.

We were the last ones leaving the building, but we managed to have a website, a video, a logo, personas description, competitors list, financial figures and other important info. We all left with a smile in our face.

I must say, I would never expect such a day. 🙂


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