Startup Weekend Basel 2013 – Day 3 (final)

Team Happy Mode per Time

This is a very serious (!) and highly scientific (!!) chart I created after this whole startup weekend experience. My first post covers the first increasing line of the chart; the pitch and brainstorming of Friday night. My second post describes the fluctuation from hero to zero (even minus – for the sake of suspense) and again to superhero during Saturday. And the great moment has arrived. Third day is completed, third post is in progress and sleep is around the corner.

The day begun with (delicious breakfast and) an insightful presentation on how to pitch an idea. What’s the best way to show what’s right by showcasing all the wrong cases? 😉 We took the tips and started creating the slides. 4 minutes is the total time. In 4 minutes we need to show: problem, solution, personas, business model, market analysis, marketing plan, roadmap, team & partners, financial analysis. In 4 minutes we need to engage the investor/receiver/judge, take him by his hand and guide him through the roadmap of need and solution. Trivial and easy. Not.

Wrapping up everything – slides prepared from each person – can become quite tricky, especially when each one of us is using a different operating system. But we managed. We even created a product, a website and a video to showcase during the presentation. And of course, the video was not working while presenting. Murphy’s law did again its magic.

All teams presented. The ideas were different and unique. Everybody did a fantastic job. Three teams won some special perks in order to accelerate the setup of their business idea. We weren’t one of those three. But we were one of the participants, which bring us to the point that… Everybody won. I won a first-time experience of building a business idea. “Tom” won insightful advice on how to back up financial estimations. “Lisa” won the opportunity to have a closer view of her behavior under pressure. We all won. What we won depends on what we were willing to accept, challenge or even tear down. 

Congratulations to all teams! To the ones that have a hand of need for the next couple of months. To the ones that are just getting started.

Congratulations and good luck with your next steps 🙂


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