(Re)solution #2 – Surprising life

The biggest certainty is the uncertainty of the future.

February was quite interesting – if not exaggerating to say fascinating! An opportunity, several flights, a launch and a long illness constitute the highlights of the last month.

All these surprises – especially the last one – had a significant impact on my 4 goals from last month: early wake up, persistent exercise, coffee and chocolate free.

Early wake up and keep on exercise; here’s a big break from these goals. Having a sore-throat for 2 weeks and being sick for 2 more weeks, it literally covered most of February, keeping me away from sports and forcing me to sleep a bit more – especially the last week. Illness is quite stubborn – like me I guess, so I’m already saying bye-bye to the first week of March.

Yes, I am coffee-free. No, I am not chocolate-free. The bad news is that I failed in being self-disciplined. The good news is that I will be soon chocolate-free as last Monday was Clean Monday; which initiates the Great Lent; the most important fasting period for Orthodox Christians. Fasting as an Orthodox Christian means: avoid eating meat, eggs and dairy products (including chocolate – oh yes). Of course, fasting is not only applied in food but also in thoughts, feelings and desires.

At the end of my previous post, I mentioned that I would try some changes and take it from there. Among them was to set goals in the gym, in jogging and ski. Under the circumstances, all of them got postponed. However, I started some new habits which I would like to continue;

  1. Take notes of expenses.
  2. Take notes of calories.
  3. Take notes of what I did through the day, what I would do differently, achievements and challenges –> self-criticism.
  4. Observe. Observe people. Observe behaviors, movements, expressions, body language. And take notes 🙂

Any apps to recommend me about taking notes for expenses, calories or similar? Let me know!

(Disclaimer: I have more career-oriented goals, which I don’t feel comfortable sharing with you – my lovely people 🙂 Sooner or later, I will open up.)

Lesson learnt from February; Life is full of surprises. Good things happen. Bad things happen. And you get to choose how to deal with them. You get to adapt to changes fast. When you ski down a slope, you don’t stop, you keep moving. And if there are surprises on the way, you do curves, either big and slow ones, either small and flexible ones. Life brings surprises. Uncertainty becomes somehow a way of life. And you become a better skier.

Let March begin.


3 thoughts on “(Re)solution #2 – Surprising life

    • Cool, didn’t know you are also an android developer 🙂 Haaa that’s how you survived through EMDC, makes sense 😉 I’m downloading it now and I’ll let you know!

  1. Hi Maria! For exercises, drinking water control, counting calories and checking nutritional ingredients – the best in my opinion is http://www.myfitnesspal.com – app is available for android and iphone. You can find exercises and food in any language or define your own. You can also scan bar codes from food packages, that is very cool 🙂 and add your own notes. And comparing to other similar apps – gui is the best. And no advertisements inside!


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