Startup Weekend Basel 2013 – Day 2


The truth is, I would never expect such a day. Yesterday I was the most optimistic person on earth – I am most of the times. My last night post closed with the full-of-hope sentence:

Let’s see what my instinct has to say in the morning.

Well, my instinct was quite talkative today. Like the instinct of every other person in our team. And guess what; each instinct covered a different frequency layer of this huge universe. Yes, we are different. Each team member has his/her own ideology, priorities and keys. And reaching a consensus was not trivial at all. Mostly because the idea seemed simple at the beginning and ended up being quite complicate considering logistics, financial issues, third-party dependencies, and the list goes on.

So, here’s what exactly happened!

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Startup Weekend Basel 2013 – Day 1

Today was the first day of the 3-day competition, the so-called Startup Weekend Basel.

The first shock came when I realized that everybody were talking in German – or maybe Swiss German, both sound strange to my ears anyway.

I ignored this fact since Andreas Panteli and I were attending the event with a specific idea in mind to pitch and build the next 2 days. Out of 20 pitches, the 6 most famous ones (famous by means of being voted by other attendees) have been chosen to become business plans. Our idea didn’t ‘pass’. However, we found MIke Pfaff‘s idea quite super interesting with high potential to become something great. And we joined. 🙂

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Geeklist #Hack4good 0.3 is almost over

2 hours of sleep, 1 cup of coffee and ∞ excitement! It looks like these ingredients are enough to survive a 10-hour hackathon!

First of all, let me fill in the gaps. I came to Dublin this morning to attend one of the greatest events of the globe; the Web Summit. The Web Summit is amazing, not only for the people it gathers and the talks it provides, but also because of the several side events it organizes; among them… Hackathon 🙂 .

#Hack4good 0.3 is a hackathon hosted by Geeklist in the Digital Skills Academy. As its name reveals, today we hack for good; all projects are proposed by humanitarian organizations and their aim is to serve people in need. Continue reading