[Paper Notes] Challenges in Parallel Graph Processing

While trying to write a possible introduction for my thesis report, I ended up reading an interesting paper listing Challenges in Parallel Graph Processing. According to this paper, graph problems have some characteristics that act as impediments to efficiently parallelize their solutions. These are (I list the same names given in the paper for their easier identification in the paper): Continue reading

Understanding Pregel

As I said in my previous post, I am interacting a lot with Apache Giraph. Before beginning with Giraph, I needed to understand the concept behind it. Giraph is an open-source implementation of the Pregel model, proposed by Google in 2010.

What is Pregel?

A model or framework designed for processing large-scale graphs.
How large can these large-scale graphs be? Well, let’s say billions is a good number. 🙂

What makes Pregel special?

Or shall I ask: Why not MapReduce (M/R)?

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