(Re)solution #2 – Surprising life

The biggest certainty is the uncertainty of the future.

February was quite interesting – if not exaggerating to say fascinating! An opportunity, several flights, a launch and a long illness constitute the highlights of the last month.

All these surprises – especially the last one – had a significant impact on my 4 goals from last month: early wake up, persistent exercise, coffee and chocolate free. Continue reading

New year’s (re)solution

Happy New Year! (+one month)

I wanted to make a fresh start with the new year. I wrote down my do and don’t lists, my wishes, my goals. I investigated why I couldn’t achieve some of them last year. I tried to find the source of all evil – well sort of. 🙂

I realized there are two vital characteristics one should have to achieve goals; these are passion and self discipline. Passion couples with love. If you love what you are doing, you become passionate. You get enthusiastic, engaged, you feel alive. Passion is simple; you either have it or not.

Self discipline is tricky. You may love what your doing, you can be very passionate and at the same time you can have 10+ other interests, activities, thoughts to spend your time on. You prioritize, but you are still left with less time than needed. Why? You didn’t pay attention; to time passing, to procrastination, to distractions. I find self discipline crucial for this year’s goals.

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